Sunday, June 29, 2008

pre camp

well camp is starting in a week, and i will be heading off for staff camp on friday. I am there for all 5 weeks.
Here is a list of things that need prayer.
that God will work through us in ways never though possible, that the kids would hear and accept the word of God, that the seeds will be planted, that the camp will find all the staff that they need, that camp will fill up, protection from distractions the devil tries to throw at us, a witnessing heart that we will find ways to relate to the kids and really work with them, as the counselors prepare this coming week, for the directors as they are all directing for the first time give them wisdom, for health, for faithfulness, as the campers go back to the real world help them to continue in the truth, thankyou for the freedom i have to pick up and leave a job and just spend a summer working in the only way that makes sense to me, bless all the other volunteers too for taking time out of there lives to do Gods work, help us to remember to focus on God.
there are many more things you can pray about but this is all i can think of right now

this week in preparation for camp I am going to spend 2 days in the wilderness alone spending uninterrupted time with God. so pray for safety as I am canoing by myself , and pray that God would work in me and reveal to me what i need to work on.
and continue to pray as we are at camp


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. said...

chad, how was the wilderness time? and camp? i am so excited to hear you are there all 5 weeks. bcbc is blessed to have you there.