Monday, October 6, 2008

funny story, and answers some of your questions mark.

so on saturday my friend paul wanted some help weeding his strawberry field, and I wanted to go canoeing, so i combined the two and canoed to my friend pauls house. so i set out early afternoon, load up my canoe(found a better technique that doesnt end with my roof all scratched up. going from behind) and set out by myself. about a 2.5km drive to labarrier park, so i get there unload my canoe and set off, now i was launching from about where i took the picture of the dam/spillway whatever its called, so i am kinda stuck on rocks as i am pushing off(disadvantage of my aluminum canoe) using my butt end to push off, so i push off and the paddle blade slips out of my hand and as i start floating further away from it all i cant say is "oh no". now here i have no paddle i am about 10 feet from this dam, i mean its not really pulling that much water over it but still its sucking me a bit, so i have to jump out of my canoe, about waist high, i bring it back to shore as i see someone 50 feet away looking at me and probably wondering what the heck is going on. i launch again, this time success paddle 4 km each way, help weed, take about 80 pictures, spend time with God.

"canoeing hat"

paul epps strawberry fields forever

i started writing a blog post on friday that i probably wont have time to finish until maybe if im lucky later tonight but probably later in the week titled "life, politics, and drawing lines in the sand" so stay tuned for that...

grace and peace

p.s. 17 foot canoes arent made for solo paddling, if anyone wants to go for a paddle and im not busy i really could use a good canoeing. i need to make some repairs this week shes not doing so well.

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Mark said...

Excellent story, thanks for posting it Chad! The best trip are always the ones where something goes a little (or a lot) wrong. It makes them memorable.