Wednesday, October 8, 2008

life, politics, and drawing lines in the sand

well this post will kind of start off not very deep and probably end in a very big hole.

well life has been pretty good, and pretty busy lately, mostly just working and hanging out with friends, adventures to friends houses. it was my birthday on sunday and my family went out for thai food for supper, i ate like 2/3 of my supper because jeremiah took me out for lunch. so i talked about how i got into a accident, they arent totaling my car which i would have preferred they do but they are spending 2200 to fix it(but i think that they didnt see something that they need to fix), it drives so im not too worried about it, i would just like for them to toal it so i can get something more me instead of just blah. my life with God has been a little hit and miss lately, i have to put in a conscious effort for anything to feel the way it should be and it seems like i get sidetracked easily, i feel Him leading me to go to a dts in alaska instead of spain now but i just need a tiny bit more of a decision maker from God. thanksgiving family gathering tomorrow which i am pumped about, get to see dayna before she flies away again.

-DISCLAIMER-if you strongly support a political party and take things personal dont read any further

engage rant(mostly unintelligent)
politics are annoying me so much these days. there isnt a political party that isnt on my nerves right now, they all suck. watching the political debate was funny for a few minutes, all the bantering was a little comical, but then i realized that these arent 4 year olds in a sandbox these are LEADERS who are trying to LEAD a country through economic and social disaster. the conservatives are just a bunch of opportunistic close minded wieners, the liberals dont even get me started about the liberals, NDP well in a perfect world i wouldnt mind there social and environmental programs but there economic and left wing loosey goosy morals. bloc party(good band) bloc quebecois(stupidity) green(show me more than just green plans and then i can call you a political party)

one more shot at the conservatives- people still vote for them because they think that they will do something about abortion and the definition of marriage when reality is that they got rid of that stuff from there platform well before the last election.
disengage rant
as this is said i am voting for my christian heritage party candidate Heidi Loewen-Steffano even though she has no chance of winning our riding i want to vote even though i dont agree with everything on there platform it is pretty solid

... drawing lines in the sand to be posted when i have time


Krista Nicole said...

Interesting views on politics. At least it will be your first time voting... and as for voting. My vote isn't as good as God's but I vote Spain.

PamJ said...

good for you for still voting!! the parties get $1.75 per vote so every vote counts :)

krista - spain??

Jay Boaz said...

Preach on brother. I saw part of the debate and I was thinking "Why don't you tell me about what you want to do rather than just slam the current government for what they've done?" I'm afraid Canadian politics are becoming more like American politics, and it's evident in the commercials; it used to be a Canadian political commercial told you about the party's platform, and the American ones just slammed the opposition. Now the Canadian ones just slam the competition too.

I've always wanted to vote for the Rhino party, just because that's an awesome name.

Chad said...

they want you to vote for them out of fear, not out of hope. thats what bothers me.