Friday, October 31, 2008

heart to heart

Well as it seems my mom could use some prayer for her heart, she went to the hospital yesterday to get a ultrasound on her lungs and heart because there was fluid around her lungs and her heart was enlarged so she left me with the kids, ended up having 11 kids to look after throughout a day. So she went to St. Boniface hospital to get her tests done and it turns out she has congestive heart failure. which is treatable but its chronic, as in her heart is damaged. they think that a virus attacked her heart and that that is the cause for it. she is doing good, but she is under bed rest, which drives her crazy. i think they should probably give her ritalin or something. I told her this is what she gets for claiming that shes going to live to a 100, she replied that she still plans on doing it if shes a healthy 100.

Thank you for your prayers
and a big thanks to doctors and nurses, I think they deserve alot more recognition for what they do

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