Monday, November 3, 2008

year in review part 2

lets try to get back at this..

Got home at 8 in the morning after being up for like 28 hours except for the couple hours of parking lot sleep. pretty much passed out as soon as I got home and slept for a few hours, went to a beaver creek bible camp staff reunion either that day or the day after. oh by the way i didnt shower the whole time i was tree planting so it was from like saturday to next monday with out shower or shave hahaha. I lost 15 lbs within that month of sickness, which if you know me, really isnt good, so I had to make up some weight, i gained 10 lbs a week for the next two weeks. I had a few weeks of good rest and went back to red river soils for a month, really felt God calling me out of my shell and i started talking to the people at work a little more, had a conversation with one guy about biblical conspiracy, guess he watched davinci code or something. took a week off before i left for camp went on a personal quest into the woods for myself from monday to tuesday with my canoe and me, I really had alot of personal stuff to get through before I left for camp and figured i should do it alone. I (accidentally) left my tent at home so i slept(not really) wrapped in a tarp to try to get the mosquitos at bay, but they buzzed so loud that i heard them buzzing even when they wernt there.

Got home, found out my dad was in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism which is blood clots in the lungs and which equalled death if he had gone to the hospital any later. it was a weird week, i wasnt sure how to feel, i spent quite a bit of the week at the hospital. left to go to staff camp at beaver creek bible camp on that friday.

im going to leave camp out and talk about it some other time.

Got home from camp took two weeks off to figure a few things. got a job doing renovations with my friend scott's old boss and have learned a lot from that and am planning on doing it until january. throughout this time i have been trying to let God work through me and show me where he wants me next and at first he was showing me that i should go with ywam and do a dts(dicipleship training school) south africa and then visas wouldnt have worked out for that so i checked for other ones and spain was the next one that was set appon my heart, and now alaska is my final destination (God willing) I think God showed me spain because he wanted me to get my best friend jeremiah interested in going out and doing something, and now he plans on going to spain.

camp review and
Why alaska to come soon

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