Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gods not dead. NO WAY. hes alive

well i only have a short time to blog as i should be in bed right now

i was procrastinating on booking a flight mostly because i didnt like the price, but today i kinda decided that the price wasnt really going to move that much downward in the next couple weeks. so i put in the dates and searched for my flight it was the same price as it was previous days. so i basically prayed that it would go lower and that if it didnt then i would be fine with the price that i payed and it showed up as about $100 less which is awesome.

yesterday i fell from the second floor to the first floor i was stacking sheets of osb and was walking backwards and fell through a stairway that had no stairs, fell down sideways dragged my feet a tiny bit on the ladder but other than that fell straight down landed on my knee and sholder, broke the floorboard with my knee, but that was pretty much the only damage. it was God protecting me, there are so many bones i could have broken, lots of different senarios that could have been played out but i landed pretty much the best way i could land other than a controled jump. i didnt even have time to think as i dropped down, which is probably good as i didnt stick out my arm, which i probably would have broke. that being said i walked it off and was working 5 minutes later.

grace and peace

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