Tuesday, December 16, 2008

howdy do ya

well I am a bad blogger, no lying on that one, there are a million excuses that I will not make.

i wouldn't have had time today to blog, but my college and career was canceled and i didnt find that out until i got to my church so i didnt have time to really do anything else so I decided to stay home and start writing a letter to friends and family concerning the next 6 months of my life, and write a blog.

well the past 7ish days have been really cold... i work outside. its a good time, i wear a tshirt, 2 sweaters, two jackets, long johns, jeans, snowpants, 3 pairs of socks 2 tuques 2 hoods, 2 pairs of gloves. and actually then its not too bad.

speaking of weather, i looked at the forcast for homer alaska and its supposed to be like +2 celcius tomorrow.

i have 3 weeks left here , which really, one week work, one week christmas holidays, and then i might work for another week.

today i was going to go buy the rest of the american money i need at lunch time, like 750 plus some of the spending moneyi plan on getting but then i had to go get gas first and then i decided i would wait because i heard on the radio that the canadian dollar had gone up a tiny bit, but by the end of the day it had gone up more than 2 cents, so im glad i didnt buy today.

on the topic of money, the reason i kinda delayed writing a blog was because i had a plan to write this big post on the evils of money and how i hate that its what makes the world go round, i mean we need money for almost everything physical. money can be used for good, but the drive of this world is money, i need money you need money, this is what society is. its a big topic. and its hard to know how i feel. money has given me opportunities up the ying yang.

as of right now i am just asking for support through prayer and taking time to encourage me while im away. though i really wouldnt deny finacial support, mostly just if you feel God urging you to support me in that way. i will have enough money. i just might be living on my income tax return when i get back and may be unable to insure my car, but you know what if thats the worst thing that can happen to me then i am in the top few percent of people in the world finacially speaking. I am also dipping my whole education fund right now, which in a perfect world would be saved for a different day, but im going to stop talking because it sounds like im trying to be a sob story to get people to give me money haha. if you do choose to donate money to me either talk to me sometime before jan 6th or send me a email (chad_has_a_really_long_address@hotmail.com)

grace and peace


. said...

just one question.. although more could have come out of that post. where you being serious about the layers? no exageration? i mean, i believe it to be both possible and necessary...

so excited about your alaska experience!

Chad said...

dead serious. its really coooold working outside in the wind. it kinda limits my mobility though.