Sunday, December 21, 2008

support letter 1st draft

this is just the rough draft which likely wont be edited at all, but i will look at it more in depth and probably keep it.

Merry Christmas, 
From Chad Reimer

Friends and family,

Well here I am less than 3 weeks away from flying to Homer, Alaska. Yes on January 6th I am flying away from my Winnipeg home and spending the next 5 months in Alaska. I am pumped beyond pumped to see what God will do with me through these 5 months. I am going to Alaska to do a discipleship training school with the organization YWAM (youth with a mission) now you may ask what is DTS all about? Well in a few sentences I would say that its is a bible school with a focus on missions. the slogan that YWAM uses for DTS’s is “know God, and make Him known” and that is really what I am pumped for. So basically there is a 3 month “lecture” phase that teaches us more about God and how to serve him with topics such as The Father heart of God, Clear conscious Christianity, Spiritual warfare, Relationships, Christian worldview and much much more. After the lecture phase there is a 2 month outreach where we are going to a Alaskan island with 2 villages on it and we just pretty much applying everything that we have learnt.

Now for some fun facts about Homer Alaska the average temperature in January is -4 C the time from sunrise to sunset is roughly 6 hours in January. The average temperature in June is +10 and sunrise to sunset is approximately 19 hours. Homer also has a population of around 5,500.

I am excited to learn things about God that are so easy to put to the side in a comfortable daily grind kind of life. I am very blessed to be able to have this opportunity, and thank God for everything I have. I’ve put a lot of hard work in this fall/ winter to be able to go, and have been blessed with a little bit of a education fund that I’m using for most of the lecture phase. So at this point I’m not in dire need of financial support but if you feel God calling you to support me in a monetary way I wont deny you. If you do decide to support me in that way it is not tax deductible(though I can find ways around that if your willing to wait till summer) and you can email me or call me to figure more out. I am however asking for support through prayer and encouragement, as that will probably be the best way to support me through this.

I am grateful for the continued support I will receive through my family, friends, and church and would very much appreciate your prayers. If you email me I will probably email you back, I’m not sure if I’m going to do mass emails or not, I do have a Blog that I will probably update sporadically. I am currently looking for a cheap laptop and by cheap I mean cheap so if you know of a laptop with wifi and 40- 60 GB for under $300 which needs a good home let me know.

Grace and peace

Mailing address: email address:
Chad Reimer
DTS winter 09
c/o YWAM Artic mercy Blog:
PO box 959
Homer AK 99603 Arctic Mercy Homepage:

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Lisa P. said...

Have fun in Homer. It's the most beautiful place I've ever been (I think it must be God's home town...). Anyway, if you get a chance - if it's open in the winter - try having breakfast at the Two Sisters Bakery. It'll change your life! Oh - and try not to be too pushy with those you wish to serve. It really irritates people. (I'm not a Christian so take it from me).

Have a great time in Alaska!