Wednesday, January 7, 2009


well here i am in seattle, my second stop, it is almost one local time which means that it is 3 in the morning home. flying was fun, we had a lot of turbulance coming into seattle. which to what i thought this is fun, its like 6 flags without all the lines. though its a little more scary when you are pretty close to the ground, i mean a mile up there is more room for correction. well i didnt have any inflight entertainment, no tvs, i had a sprite and a gingerale, and nothing else. haha i payed for about a hour of internet because i didnt have anything smaller than a 20 and i didnt read the part where it says it doesnt give change. as this is the first time ive flown since i was a kid, i didnt really know what i was doing and i went through uniteds thing before i wanted to leave and they wanted me to leave as soon as i went through it so i missed kurtis coming to say goodbye, which i am sad about.

my chicago seattle flight was a bit tricky to catch, i had about 12 minutes(due to little delays in my flight to chigago) to get from one terminal to the next( i hope you understand the retardedness of that sentance in itself) and then once i was at that terminal i had to run to the gate i was going to because it was all the way on the other side of the terminal, so i get there and find out that my flight is delayed about 30 min. so after all that effort i was sad.

this airport is a ghost town, im enjoying listening to my mp3 player and its really late and i dont htink i will be able to sleep.

well i should go do some other internet related things
thanks for praying for me


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Helen said...

Hi Chad, glad you made the connection in Chicago, glad to hear from you.