Friday, January 23, 2009

im alive in alaska

well i havent really had more than 20 minutes total internet time since ive been here total.

so here is my first post

well alaska is absolutly amazing, the mountains oh boy the mountains. there are 45 churches( population of the city is 5500) in this town which i view as a extreme disunity, but they each have there part i guess. God is amazing. there is a real divercity in our group here and its awesome, we all feel like we should be here and that is awesome. we dove into 2 weeks of lectures, which are like the most intense topics all week long then have a few days off and do it again. God is really stretching us all. we have a diverse student body a german a bolivian and two americans from different parts of the country.

dayna you would love the amount of german i am picking up, but its hard to pronounce all the extremes

mark you would love the yurt village on the shores of the ocean with a view of the mountains

everyone else would love everything about this place.

i really have no time right now, i just found this place with free internet so i should be back but its cerfew in 20 minutes.

went on a cross walk which was like literally carrying a cross through the town which first came off to me as religious and crazy but it was a real good symbol of what God asks us to do




Sophia said...

It's great to hear an update chad. Sounds like your having an amazing time. I can't wait to see all your pictures, must be so beautiful. I forgot to make a facebook event for the bcbc staff thing at steve's till last minute. I was like duh Chad isn't here anymore. Totally on the ball now with the bcbc facebook group. Thanks for doing it always before. Praying for you.

Krista Nicole said...

hey brother

Depht said...

Wow, Alaska and DTS -- two of my favorite memories. We'll be following your adventures on Mark.

Mark said...

Chad, you're alive! I am jealous of your surroundings (and your yurt watching) but I wish you the best. Enjoy!