Saturday, January 31, 2009

its hard to fit life into one post

well i am sitting in the library, didnt know about this until today that they have good internet and computers, still unsure if i will be able to upload pictures anytime soon but its ok i have summer to do that.

I want to talk about where our outreach is going, mostly because i didnt know anything about it before i came up here.

well it is a native island, has no trees is very close to russia. it has two villages on it, the people mostly live off the land and supliment it with some sort of assistance from the government(this last part is an assumtion, im sure it has been brought up and answered but i wasnt listening i guess)
its a pretty dark place during the winter, and a very bright place in the summer. it will be cold there even in may, it probably will have snow on it the whole time we are there. we will be involved in doing whatever needs to be done in the churches there are, which im sure will involve showing alot of love to the children.

-soory i realize that was short and vague but i dont have much time


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