Thursday, February 5, 2009

5 things i strongly dislike and 5 things i love

1. God
2. What Hes doing in my life at YWAM
3. meeting new people/ new friends
5. Dreams for the future

Hate(strongly dislike)
1. How the devil likes to attack me in this place because he doesnt want to let me go
2. schedules
3. 3 minute showers
4. feeling alone even though i have lots of people around me/ missing people back home
5. the stuff that God makes me confront

pray for me,
God is good

1 comment:

ashleymarie said...

hey, i totally keep forgetting to check this, so i finally did and i added it to my blog list so i will know when you update.

we miss you tons and pray for you a lot. so glad you are being brave and following what you feel God is asking of you.

can't wait till you're back. anything specific we should pray about?

much love, ashley