Thursday, June 11, 2009


this is the drama that we did on St. Lawrence Island(we modified it to fit a little better with the culture). we did it in the school in Savoonga(in front of grades 9-12), and we did it in the church in Gambell. both times we got to talk through what life without God is and what it leads to and then got to talk about the great hope that is in life with God, very powerful times with the light shining on their lives, with grace and love.

I played God during this drama and that was one of the most intense things ive ever done, God broke my heart for what breaks His. i looked at how at the end of the line there was death, suicide, something that people struggle with, not only on the island but anywhere. at that point in the drama I was a emotional wreck shedding tears, but then i step up he turns for me and we fight, bam we are saved by his grace and our turn towards him.


ps i had a quote as my decription that didnt really sit too well with me. it kind of seemed like we could earn grace, it was probably out of context, i really didnt look at it before, but it was a martin luther quote. so now i changed it to a quote out of the bible, out of romans 8:15 (the message)

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