Friday, June 5, 2009


well i sit here still torn in many directions, this week has been a good week I am here pretty much being availible to serve by cleaning, working and praying with the ywam staff that are here.

the thing about short yet intense friendships is that they seem to leave you torn, I am now the only student(well im not a student anymore) left on the base, I am glad that i get to do my missing everyone in sections though, though i think the bandaid rip would seem to feel better. i miss the people on the island, and my fellow ex students, and well in reality i miss the people back home still too, but soon im going to miss ALL the people i met in alaska.

i was going to write something poetic about how i know that Gods timing is for me to leave and how everythings going to be better and while it would be correct, my emotions might be getting the best of me right now and i am feeling very human right now

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Jenna said...

i know exactly how you feel. i am still grieving friends i may never see again!