Sunday, August 2, 2009

camp/ future

well its been a while since i last posted, dont really have computer access or time at camp. so these past 4 weeks I have been at Beaver Creek Bible Camp and its has been utterly amazing and spectacular. God has been moving strong in the lives of the campers and also the staff, we have had alot of commitments to Christ, and alot of spiritual warfare, ive found that spiritual warfare often looks like loving kids who dont recieve it anywhere else. The main topic of the summer is the armour of God and its has proved to be a good topic as we have felt Gods protection and also have been able to share lots of Truth, words cannot describe how amazing it is to know that God has given us the ability to grow under his protection. areas that you can be praying for the camp is again that we will rely on God and not on our own understanding, that we will be listening to Gods voice and discerning the areas where hes wanting us to step out in faith. also pray for the campers, pray that they will be open to recieving the Lord and that the Holy Spirit will show them the life that they can live. for me pray that i will be spending personal time with God and really operating out of what hes putting into me and not on my own means.

as to my future, after this next week of camp I am very unsure of whats next, be praying for me in this. I am considering the options infront of me and trying to figure out what to do with them and what God is leading me to do. basically I know that I am going back to alaska just not sure when or with whom, and for how long. ywam would want a two year commitment and maybe thats where Gods calling me, i would be a staff and would have many opportunities to grow in my leadership but it will not come easy, living by faith, would probably mean selling my car. another option is going up just for a outreach, i really feel called back to St. Lawrence island so this would be a option that would look nice, and a option that I just remembered was a option is moving to st lawrence island and living with the pastor and his family in one of the villages. please be praying for me, i dont want to go without the blessings of the people around me. the earliest i would leave would be in september, and the other option is january.
thankyou for your prayers
God bless


Mark said...

Hey Chad I was up at camp yesterday, dropping off Jobina to work in the kitchen. I was hoping I would get to see you and get an update so I was pleasantly surprised to get home and read this one from you. I'll be praying for you your last week!

ashleymarie said...

hey chad,
praying for you always
glad to hear the ways God is working at the camp, in and thru you.
be encouraged, we never walk alone!

we love you.
ash and mike