Saturday, August 15, 2009

Joyous Jaquanda

There once was a girl named Joyous Jaquanda she lived in the central part of Swaziland. Jaquanda was always joyous no matter what so she was called Joyous Jaquanda. Living in such a poor country with no family all Joyous Jaquanda had was 2 francs a hut and an imaginary friend named Jittery Jeffery.

One day Joyous Jaquanda was having tea with Jittery Jeffery when suddenly rebel forces came and took away her 2 francs shouting " who's joyous now" but she remained joyous and retorted "at least i still have my hut and my best friend Jittery Jeffery". Little did Joyous Jaquanda know about the effects of that evenings events on Jittery Jeffery he started questioning the tumultuous political rift that was taking place for land that in the end has no value while it is in a wartime rage and while outside help trys to help they end up stiring the pot deeper and so on and so on(you know jeffery and his politics).

Meanwhile Nice Nick was shooting mortars into rebel territory when a mortar went sailing into Joyous Jaquanda's hut causing it to collapse. Fortunatly Joyous Jaquanda and Jittery Jeffery both got out alive. they slept in the ruines of Joyous Jaquanda's once existant hut, it was a cold dark night. In the morning Joyous Jaquanda was still joyful saying " at least I still have you Jittry Jeffery".

The next day Jittery Jeffery went to seek refugee status in south africa leaving Joyous Jaquanda behind. it was then that Joyous Jaquanda realized that she needed more than things to make her Joyous, she needed Jesus.


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