Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i dont blog well while i am nervous

haha well nervous isnt probably the right word but i have been quite anxious probably over anxious concerning my future plans. God has really put Alaska on my heart as a whole, pretty much telling me that at some point im going to be back up there, now the big trouble in my heart was concerning when. on one hand i had big crazy ideas of going back the begining of september which would be in like 2 weeks doing a short stint, on the other hand the more sensable going in january with a 2 year commitment. and to be honest im kinda dissapointed that its not the crazy short adventure but how its replaced with a responsible more commited time, but not in a whole of me sense but in the crazy part of me which i will call adventourous. so yes i have decided to hold off at least until january on my alaska trip, which will give me time to actually follow up wtih my campers from the summer and also do a bunch of stuff with the ministries my church has really been establishing these past years, and also make some money to support myself, so now i got to find a job yay.

im really wanting to mature alot in these next months, i now see my fears and know how they are holding me back from being all that i can be for God, now its time to take courage and step up to the plate that has been set before me.

i really want to work on my communication skills as well as my writing and public speaking

my last post might seem random to you but it was a creative presentation that i gave at some point on my dts.

thankyou for your prayers and i hope i can be a blessing to you as you are a blessing to me.


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