Wednesday, September 16, 2009

summer nights

hey way ray its still summer mid september! and I'm feeling quite fine.

troubles seem to bounce away in a BIG BOUNCER and no thats not a ad for bouncing good times, we had our pioneer clubs/ ALPHA BBQ at our church last night, and im pretty sure my fire was lit strong again for these kids but not only the kids the parents as well.
things that stood out:
-single moms trying to raise there kids the best they can
-mob mentality the children take on and the good and bad side effects
-the fierce combination of kids and a giant bouncer
-the fierce combo of me and a giant bouncer
-the boys in my pioneer clubs class this year and how connected to them I feel
-how honest it felt to watch kids go up to the door of the bouncer and turn back multiple times and little by little get farther in the door until they were bouncing. a boy about 4 years old who i saw jump off a three foot retaining wall before he ventured towards the bouncer
-fresh starts

here's to a amazing fall of pioneer clubs and alpha.
let there be love!


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