Friday, November 20, 2009

eyes light up.

what it takes to light up eyes.

having built some level of trust, having them know that we care for them. simply slipping a folded piece of paper into the hand of a unpretentious child telling them to put that folded piece of paper into their pocket without reading the simple words on them. turn the lights off, they can barely make each other out in the darkness... a moment of chaos... this is life without God, living in sin. "you can take out your piece of paper now" brings the focus back a little bit. "read it" brings the chaos back. click, the piercing rays of light from the flashlight seem like they should be making more noise than the kids, fortunately I'm there to call them towards the light to read the words God has written for them. they seem interested in the flashlight for a while but what they are really looking for is the lights to turn back on, despite how much fun it is to scream and run around in the dark. God is the light, we sit in a semi circle and read our simple truths. "God loves me" "God has a plan for me" "if God is for me who can be against me" "Jesus died so i can live". they are so much more than words, especially for kids who are honestly looking for hope, and honestly not finding it anywhere else. if those words stop when the sound waves end perhaps they enter your head they can be burned away with apathy. but however hot the fire of apathy it produces no light, the fire in most of the kids eyes that I saw burned so bright that even if it was just for a moment it melted my heart.

this is all here at home kids from the community who came to pioneer clubs
the harvest is plentiful


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