Tuesday, November 24, 2009

learn from your mistakes

some notes from my first congregational meeting.

-there are some very dedicated members of my church who have served very diligently. I applaud not only their effort but there faithfulness.
-the holy spirit is definitely at work creating something new, birthing something, the test that i see is whether or not we will put that something new in new wineskins
-policy isnt a word that i really like yet i understand a need for some sort of policy
- just because you want to hear more opinions on a motion doesn't mean you(me) should second something and not really know what your talking about when you try to explain why your seconding it.
- I am very glad that kinks seemed to get worked out, things made sense in the end, biblically
- I am excited that the elders are starting to understand the need for this next generation to take some responsibility, though i hope that it will become a collaborate effort because we all need to be a part of this.
- end off being very encouraged

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Joy said...

hey Chad - I just have to tell you that you have such a gift for writing - I haven't read all of your blogs, usually because I forget until I check out my daughter's and then remember again. But as I was reading a few today - I realized you just really have a way of writing down what your soul is thinking - and that is very cool. In fact - your blogs are also very thought provoking and challenging.
I realize I only get to know you through Michael and Ash but I am enjoying that - bit by bit. I hope as you countdown to going away - that the Holy Spirit just fills you with all that you need for ministry - ALL that you need!