Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sorry my next post is taking longer than i thought it would to post

well ill just give you a update of my life.

the past week has had its ups and downs mostly up, time seems to be going so fast yet so slow, my days have been pretty lazy to say the least, as my job has to do with snowfall and snowfall alone, i have only worked 3 days in the past 3 weeks which has really sucked for my morale but ive been able to get alot of stuff done, but not as much as i would like.

as for my future plans I am going to be leaving winnipeg on the 7th of january and arriving in anchorage on the 8th taking the train from grand forks to seattle then taking a flight from there. I will be up in Homer alaska thats where the YWAM base in alaska is, I am so glad to be going up but also sad to leave behind all my people here, expecially the kids and young adults i get to minister to through my church and camp, I mean i guess my friends and family have a different kind of missing. I am going to be in vancouver for the olympic outreach www.morethangold.ca which is sweet, im so pumped to be working at something so big. from there I really dont know what ill be doing with ywam but I definatly will get to go back up north and thats really what i feel called to.

Its crazy how blessed I am, before I go to alaska I get to go to mexico with my family for a week, my first real vacation since i was a young kid. and despite what my mom thinks I dont believe Christians are called to take poverty vows (though some possibly could) i am excited to go on this trip.

things you can pray for
-ramonas funeral is tomorrow, i thank the Lord for her life
-I'm trying to get my car ready to sell
-pray that i will be able to communicate well this week
-pray that as i take a small step of faith in going into ministry where I have to pay to be there, that funds will come
- most of all i thank God for all He has done all that He is doing and all that He will do He's so good

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