Thursday, December 3, 2009


went to something at southland community church in steinbach called the watch last sunday the topic was purity Jesus vs everything else ( a picture of general media).

Sin is something that I've struggled with (Hope that's not too shocking for you(I could go into more detail about it but i wont ) and there seems to be a lapse of time from the time that I said yes Jesus I want you In my life to the time where sin didn't seem to control my life. Here's where purity comes in, you see I struggled hard, harder than I theoretically needed to, but you see it took me time to harden my heart and God wanted me to understand (as much as you humanly can) the things that hardened my heart so I could work through them with Him instead of me trying to cover up and make excuses for my short comings.

Like a bad toilet sin has a way of coming back up if you dont plunge it completely, and any attempt at doing this yourself is feeble at best. Here's where Jesus's blood comes in, its like the drain- o of eternal life. So what we have is a answer to our problem of sin, our purity comes straight from God. Here's where the battle seems to take place, we understand with our minds "sin is bad but Jesus came to take this sin and end sin for those who believe in him" but we dont understand that this purity comes from obedience, listening to the word of God and being recklessly dedicated to follow it. I just started reading through the old testament from beginning to end and I am in exodus 25-30 area, and honestly I have a hard time not just skimming over all the rules and regulations of how the tabernacle is supposed to be built, how the clothes are supposed to be made, how the animals are supposed to be killed, etc.. but it paints a very clear picture of what purity means, God has given moses exact measurements, exact process and while i still have a few chapters to go to see if they actually do it exactly as told I think they do.

So heres where our purity comes into play, the trap of wanting to make a golden calf because you havent heard from God in a while. If we want this purity we have to hear the voice of God, and one of the worst things i could tell myself would be that He's not talking, because more often than not we arent listening (I'm really bad at this). we surround ourselfs with t.v., music, facebook(now if only God had a facebook page and chated with us on facebook chat), and while we can hear God speaking to us through these things, he wants a much more intimite relationship. we often view Jesus as the garbage man, He comes and knocks on our door and we say "hey I put my garbage out last sunday, why are you here" or we see Him as our pastor or ministry leader he comes to our door and knocks we say " hey ill see you on wednesday, when I get to help you with your work". I hate watching this generation of Christians being dulled to what is sin because they like watching the latest TV show, and not caring about God enough to let Him have some input to what we input. this is my struggle, I've let myself be dulled so that I dont have to be the one who says enough is enough. we hate the sin yet we love the sinner, its often a hard balancing act. And my prayer is that we can live purely and wholey abandoned for the one who is making us new creations.

Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.

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