Wednesday, December 9, 2009

happenings... and not happenings

well as I have been out of work these past couple weeks, Ive had quite a bit of time on my hands, I have seemingly changed my sleep schedule to Alaska time stay up three hours later and wake up 3 hours later too, which has resulted in me feeling like a lazy bum when it comes to productivity. some things that i really want to do next week or this weekend, go to union gospel mission, do anything that they have there to do, me and Jeremiah handed out cookies there last weekend, still warm. maybe try to find a list of seniors from my church who could use some visiting, or cookies.

I took my car to see if i could get a saftey on it but they had a bunch of work they wanted me to pay them to do and it was a little out of my budget to spend on it. but that took my mobilization away today so that kinda sucked. But I had my last pioneer clubs( kids club at my church) and said goodbye to some of my kids, its hard for me to leave in the middle of something good but I know that God is in control, He has showed us that we are doing His work. I'm going to miss my boys and girls, all of the ones I have are from the community. ill be praying for them, and maybe even have a skype date with them once im in alaska.

So I got my train and plane tickets, train leaves january 7th I get to anchorage on the 8th. While it is really hard to leave, I know im called to Alaska, infact i think i missed a opportunity to go back earlier. honestly there have been some internal frustrations, and i know that ive been strengthened as a individual. One of the things I really look forward to when i get back to alaska is the community and atmosphere that comes with it, and ive been thinking that thats a weakness of mine dependance on a "christian bubble", but I dont think of it as a bubble, more of as a body, so while something may be a weakness of mine it strengthens the body, a body who has an amazing brain. I love the community i have around here but it doesnt seem as full time as in YWAM. I'm going to miss my church here, all the people who mean so much to me.

vancouver 2010 olympics, I'm going to be there. and I'm pumped. I get to evangelize to the masses and also the streets.

If anyone wants to go out for coffee during the day I'm definatly up for it this next week.
my sched is getting pretty full for the evenings and after christmas.

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