Friday, December 11, 2009

when your sitting at the computer and the hours just seem to fly

haha well ive been sitting here for a good almost 3 hours without even knowing it, at first i was talking to a friend from alaska, the whole time change, makes things usually end up lasting a little later. then I was determined to figure out how I am getting from the train station in seattle to the airport 12 miles away without totally ruining my savings from taking the train. After researching buses, shuttles, trains, and taxi's(many more systems than ol winnipeg has) I finally found the metro system, all i have to do is walk across the street and hop on another train. In this world of technology sometimes you have to be very careful, in november when i picked up my brother from the train station in Grand Forks google maps gave me the total wrong address and directions, made me take a right somewhere when i should have taken a left. well i had to follow the tracks that were nearby and look for a station, it was on the other side of the highway, got there in time but it was a little interesting. So I spent some extra time making sure my stations were infact where they tell me they are.

Why am I taking the train? I've been asked this quite a few times already, my first answer is that it is cheaper, and my second answer is it is adventurous, who doesn't want to go on a cross country adventure by ground. It may add some variables that I dont really enjoy like what if my train is late? but i choose not to live in fear of that. my train arrives at approximately 10:25am I walk over to the metro station takes 2 minutes metro runs every 10 minutes so hopefully i get on pretty decently 30 min trip my plane leaves at 1:05pm should be enough time. and heres where my late nights on the computer have really blessed me, not only have I gotten to talk(facebook chat) to people I dont normally get a chance to talk to, and minister to some hurting people but I found the ride from anchorage to homer I was looking for( i wasnt even openly looking for it), honestly it works out so good I'm pretty sure its a God thing, my plane arrives at 3:47 and my friend gets out of school (hes a teacher) at 3:15 and can get to the airport at 4:15 and he needs/ wants to go south anyways.

and now I'm looking at laptops, which is one of the things that really I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. I'm thinking of getting a netbook, but its like should i just go all out and get the real deal. its a hard decision used, or from a big box store, small store. what to do, all i know is that after this week i dont really want to spend alot more money for a while.

but anywho i should go to bed

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Jay Boaz said...

If you decide to go with a full-on new laptop let me know; I have a friend who does computer sales/service and he's really good. You might pay a little more than you could on a cheapy from a big box store but you'll get a better product.