Monday, December 14, 2009

all in the same cup

I was just reading a blog post titled "a furious longing" (having to do with loving God) on my friends moms blog. It struck a chord in me... it made me ask " Am I in love with God?" "do I often view Jesus as more than a friend or a King?" "Am I cheating on my lover?" " Do I tell people "were just friends"?" "Do I lust after God instead of loving Him?"

obviously God loves us, more purely than we can imagine. more than alot of us even acknowledge, He is the perfect father, no earthly father can even compare. God is love, so we can let Him love us. At first encounter with God we often are like OK God I'll let you love me and you know save me from my sin, we'll leave it at that. We start this "repentance" thing where we feel so ashamed of ourselves, that we dont even let God free us from our guilt. we wait for freedom, until someone tells us its already here God whispers "if only you knew". we struggle with our logic, doubt eats away at our passion, we gain this false humility thing "I have no value" its here where our honest repentance needs to start. Father God I am a sinner, I am not righteous by birth, But you sent your Son Jesus to the earth to teach about your love and live it, and ultimately sacrifice Himself for me, pay the price that I couldnt pay, It is accomplished and I want to live my life like it is. We come to a place where we adore God for who He is, we want to know Him more, we date Him passionately, yet we fall back satan tempts us to spend less and less time with our God we make excuses "oh well im sure your busy God, im doing this over here though anyways". we think were getting away with something, passing one by God. we need the truth to set us free, take away worry, hate, fear, shame, guilt, etc. the truth is that If you accept it God sees you as holy, righteous, beautiful, and worthy. His bride. How much we long to be in heaven where this is much more clear, But God has brought His kingdom here, and wants us to know He loves us, now will we fall in love? choose to let go of our insecurity and embrace Him right now. A line my friends mom likes to use is "dance with the trinity" I like it alot too. As a Christian Its like I'm engaged to Christ, I got a ring on my finger. now do we let the security of having this ring make us take our fiances love for granted eventually leaving us apathetic towards Him, eventually giving the ring back, or do we passionately chase after the lover of our soul, bask in his affection, love Him back, share in His purity . I ask the Holy Spirit to breathe the passion into us so that we will repent of our wrong thinking, and embrace our King, our lover.

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kath. said...

keep on bloggin i really like your posts.