Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas and may 2010 be full of Joy

The first Christmas is recorded as a time of great vision, great wisdom. Such an incredible visual of God's glory, the angels rejoice in song, its almost too much for everyone. Well the heavens are rejoicing with every moment we serve our Lord, oh to hear that song. As I try to think of what my life will look like on a grand scale I can not look very far, the possibilities seem endless. So I start with trusting God to guide me, and He has led me back to Alaska to serve with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Arctic Mercy located in Homer Alaska. As most of you know I was in Alaska from January till June of this year with YWAM doing a DTS (discipleship training school) which consists of 3 months of study and discipleship and 2 months of missions and making disciples. This program has become the staple for YWAM, we run DTS's so we teach people about what it means to know God and make Him known. We have been committed to serving one northern island called St. Lawrence Island in specific sending two teams a year to spend 2 months each on this island serving about 1500 aboriginal villagers, but as we gain staff we are hoping that we can expand our vision joining what God is already doing all over Alaska. We are already able to send a team which I am part of to Vancouver, to help out with a broader ministry at the Olympics called More Than Gold which I am very excited about. We will be doing anything from working in homeless shelters to offering prayer at the Olympic events. As we move forward from that, we are really stepping into a time that we will be able to send out mobile teams(YWAM staff that go out from base as a group), doing anything from dramas, to helping out with other ministries already established, to doing construction projects( I know we have already helped out with a lot of church repair). We are committed to doing whatever it takes to bring Christ to the people who need Him and encouraging those who already know Him.

The Isolated aboriginal villages of the north are on my heart a lot, mostly St. Lawrence Island, the way in which YWAM Arctic Mercy got the call to start sending teams up there is something that really continues to keep us passionate. The suicide rate was the highest in North America, the elders of the community were crying out for help, some of them knew that God was the only answer and since that initial cry for help YWAM and other Christian organizations have really been enabled to bring hope to these villages through the incredible love of God. But these seeds need a lot of watering which has had its ups and downs for those who are committed to seeing fruit. The cycle of hurt, depression, shame, guilt, despair, alcohol, anger, worthlessness, abuse, suicide, pride has one answer and that is Jesus Christ so I pray that the Holy spirit which is the presence of God will empower us to love like he does and to the work of Jesus which He started and in which he will finish someday soon.

I come before you as my family and friends and I ask you to pray with me and pray for me as I take this step, my commitment with YWAM is 2 years, I am doing this all as a volunteer and so is everyone within YWAM, which is going to take a lot of trust on my part. Pray for me as I travel because If anything I need my plane to be delayed, because I'm cutting it short with the time between my train arrival and my plane departure with all these new security measures. I am leaving on January 7th and hope to be back for Christmas of 2010. thank you for your prayer support and if you want any info on supporting financially just contact me. Feel free to email me or mail me, ask me questions about how its going. Hopefully next report I can share more about whats going on over in Alaska. God Bless.

Chad Reimer
1-907- 235- 9339

Chad Reimer c/o YWAM
PO BOX 959
Homer, AK 99603

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!