Monday, January 11, 2010

im here

HOMER Alaska

Ill tell you a little about my journey here to homer, and how God brought me here.

well wednesday the 7th was my last real day in winnipeg, I had a night where anyone could come say goodbye fortunatly most of my friends had already said goodbye to me, throught the many parties and Christmas celebrations. I was feeling a bit nervous on wednesday, not about anything specific, I had to combat it. so at 1 in the morning on the 8th we started the trek to granforks, me my brother and my car. we got to the border and thats when i had to get my "visa" so first they asked me questions about what I was doing and all that kinda stuff, so i think everythings going good, but then they talk amongst themselves , tell me to wait for a bit, ask me more questions, they really didnt understand why I would want to volunteer and actually pay to stay. but after a hour of hmmming and hawwing they give me my entry for a year, which is a ptl.

get to the train station down in grandforks, its quite stormy on the american side of things we pass by a pretty serious accident, but we get to the train station on time and I have a really awesome brother who bought me candy and other goodies for the train ride. the train arrives one hour late, ohh great(the most i can really be late is one hour), the train attendant tells me that they can probably make up the time, so we get going and when we are almost across ND the train stops at the train station which i miean was normal but then we stay sitting there, they tell us they are doing some minor mantainence which turns into three hours, so we are running 4 hours late, im going ot miss my flight. me not knowing anything about flights and stuff like this start freaking out a bit, But meanwhile Im reading the bible looking to God for some sort of peace, and really Gods telling me trust me. I try to get online every little stop, everytime we get into a little town, try phoning my mom, to change my flight, which would have cost me $200. but everytime i got close to changing my flight the internet would die or when i phoned my mom the line died. you know through this im trusting God, im trying to expend my options but really throughout it I know that God is going to pull me through.

and so I meet some people on the train some very interesting people and some very helpful people, no real amazing conversations but alot of good ones. I get to talking to this couple from billings MT and we make a few connections and they are Christians, He tries to help me phone the airline but i jsut get the busy line. and so they offer to drive me to the airport, which actually didnt same me time but was really good. so i get to the airport, she puts me on standby for free, which is probably normal but still amazing to me(here i was trying tochange my flight for 200 and its free, God must have not wanted me to waste my money). i go to security and then realize that i dont have my wallet, i figure maybe i put it into my bag (i had to pay for my luggage) but i get through and no wallet, so i go back to the check in desk and there my wallet is.i get through security again, and then try to call my friend who is supposed to pick me up, here my flight is 8 hours later then it was supposed to be, late friday. He cant pick me up anymore which was really understandable he had to go down to homer earlier, and so now i have to find a ride down.

i phone like 10 people trying to figure out a way down, half of the lines are either busy or not there and so I finally get ahold of my aunt who lives about 4 hours from anchorage and she has a friend who might be able to pick me up and let me stay at her house for the night and so she picks me up, without one hesitation i pick her out of the crowd never having seen her bfore. turns out my aunt and uncle have to drive up to drop there daughter off at university and I just hadnt asked them before if they could pick me up because i had a other ride that i didnt even have to ask for. so it worked perfectly for them to pick me up the next day, after calling them 3 times and getting the busy signal the first 2 times.

The Lord is good

its soo good being back here, turns out I am a small group leader which means im co in charge of the guys in the DTS, which they had asked me the day I left if i would do it so I said i would pray about it on the train, and getting here it was a yes. still getting ready to go down to vancouver in like a month not with the school but with some of the other staff here. continue to pray for me as i continue to pray for you.

if you want to support me financially this website will help you
they send it through vancouver so that they can change it from cnd to usd for me. there is also some way you can do it through credit card, but i dont know what that link is.

thank you Jesus

update soon


Dayna said...

wow chad. what an awesome God adventure! thanks for sharing it and keep us posted!

ashleymarie said...

so glad you made it there. will wait for more updates! :)