Sunday, January 17, 2010

some writings of this past week

What is this, where does it lead; A journey on the narrow path. When is it alright to numb myself to this world, when can I face it with a warm smile. Is there hope apart from Christ, Certainly not! when does reality bend to hope, when does hope break reality. I think where the word hope loses its meaning is when we use it to describe uncertainty, long shots. Is that what the power of Christ has been reduced to.

Homer Nazarene Church sermon notes

Names of Jesus i relate to this moment.
The Lamb of God (pure), Light, I AM, Messiah, Provider, Mercy seat sitter.
time to offer ourselves Romans 12

John 2:1-11

Jesus turns water to wine.

-God is concerned about both small miracles and big
- God changed the water into wine. not just in appearance, He transformed the molecules, it is no longer water but wine.
-Christ gives extravagantly
- abundant life= transformed life
- sometimes God waits for us to be thirsty before He pours out transformation

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