Sunday, February 28, 2010


I'm thinking about starting a new Blog with a different focus because i think what i really am needing is something more creative, more interesting, shorter posts. different perspective on life. it will be called 3 interesting things( im thinking i might spice the title up a bit) and it will be daily or at least 5 a week. it will consist of 1 picture, one bible verse, and one thought provoking question or quote, or maybe it will just be a loose three interesting things. another ambitious thing in my life is that i want to become a morning person, usually i feel like i over sleep, or at least i know if i get less sleep it doesnt really effect me. so i want to wake up at 6 on weekdays get an exrended quite time in the morning as half an hour doesnt seem long enough.
i hope you eagerly expect my first 3 interesting things

i like how my ambition comes at 12am


kath. said...
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kath. said...

i eagerly expect for your new blog.