Tuesday, February 16, 2010

olympics so far

well i have been in Vancouver for a week now arriving here last Tuesday, It has been incredible and yet quite overwhelming.

so the organization More than gold really felt the mandate to join with existing ministries and so we are doing alot of work with salvation army and other more independent ministries one of them being something called the great room on the down town east side on w hastings which is a place where women can go to learn skills to dare to dream of a life other than street life. i cant begin to describe the place here is a website that might explain more http://linwoodhouseministries.typepad.com/ . The work we are doing with salvation army is diverse but mostly we are offering radical hospitality by handing out hot chocolate and coffee at alot of main skylink stations. but yesterday i spent 5 hours turning old bed sheets into rags because they had a abundance of sheets and they wanted to sell the rags to mechanic shops around town to raise funds so they can do more outreach.

and the other days have been pretty awesome one day we had prayer station which was us standing in a fairly busy sky train station and wearing a smock that says prayer changes things and a little sign saying free prayer. standing boldly giving people eye contact not there with any agenda other than to offer prayer to those who ask. we got to pray for quite a few christians but alot of people looked at us and i could see how intently they were reading, some of them seemed to not have the opportunity to stop and so we prayed for them without them. and we have also done quite a bit of work with a free concert series here in vancouver put on by a group of christians with a huge list of artists so we hit the streets handing out information about it.

my internet is getting shoddy so im going to have to put this blog out now
keep us in prayer
today we are handing out hot chocolate



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