Monday, February 8, 2010

update letter short version

well i am currently writing a update letter to update alot about what I'm up to but ill point form it just so i can not worry about blogging too much.

first of all God is really good, how hes alive and well around the world even though alot of what we concentrate on is that bad stuff He is at work, and at work in us(that means you)

-I am leaving to go down to seattle and then to vancouver, I am leaving tomorrow. we are spending from the 9th to the 23rd in vancouver doing ministry, being Gods hands and feet at the Olympics and throughout vancouver. Pray for unity and strength as we do this intense much needed work. pray for our travels, it snowed a bunch here this weekend and we dont really want too much more snow or ice to slow us down, and also for our flights and bus rides and entries and re entries of the border.

-I am still trying to stay in contact with seemingly alot of people, facebook seems like the easiest way but it really seems to be very impersonal and non relational, pray for my communication and relational skills as they seem to be lacking.

-I was given the option of going back to st. lawrence Island this spring or to Hati, which was a really hard decision for me, i struggled back and forth for a long time God seemingly telling me to do both, It has just become clearer to me that God is wanting me to continue to dream about Alaskan ministry while taking me out of Alaska for a short while. I still have yet to give my final decision but its due tomorrow, seemingly God directed me to 1 Thessalonians 2-3 it kinda reminds me that I can still be a big part of the things God is doing on the island while i am on a different island being obedient to my call there, and reminding me that Gods timing is a lot better than mine. it seems weird in those verses that its satan stopping them from getting to the people because i believe its God calling me to Hati, but thats not the part of those verses that were really speaking to me. we are still sending a small team of staff to st. lawrence island but the DTS which I am a staff on is going to Hati.

-I thank God for all my friends and family, and I pray for you guys, I think God is really showing me alot more about you guys and your faith and how he is at work in you guys. just keep pressing into God, He never gets tired of loving you. I pray for my friends who are having troubles (health, family, etc) too, because I know that God is faithful and that sometimes we lose sight of Him and yet He is still right there beside you. And I pray for my friends who are still searching or maybe tired of searching, I pray that God will meet them where they are and that they will acknowledge His grace and love.

its great being here in alaska, God really blessed me with this opportunity even if it means "suffering" I really want to pour my life out as a offering to God, and to grow even more in love with Him and His people. I saw 4 eagles flying about 150 feet above the ground just circling in the sky, and it reminded me of the four students here, they are flying, learning to fly, but there will be times for them to come down, humble themselves so that they can serve each other, the body of Christ, and the lost people of this world, and God will provide the grace for us to do this. Thanks be to God amen

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