Saturday, June 26, 2010

sing it out

ok so here it is 12:30 am still bright enough outside to see pretty clearly one of the quirky Alaskan things, but i figured i should just bear the lateness and just write a quick something.

so its been like a month since the graduation of our winter DTS which it seems like june went speedy fast, i had half a week of time off which was nice and then we had a short term mission mime team that was passing through town come and stay for a couple days and we helped them help us in a few great service opportunities in town like helping at a desert/ auction fundraiser for 3 couples from around the community who's houses have burnt down recently, where it wasnt necessarily a christian event and the families arent necessarily Christians but people of the church community wanted to bless these people in the midst of their loss. we have been meeting every morning to have a corporate worship ( i havent blogged about it yet but one of my biggest pet peeves is having "worship time" unless you schedule it for 24/7 and stop limiting the word worship to singing) we sing, we pray, we read the bible aloud, and its really been about reconnecting with each other, trying to set our hearts on who God is and how we can serve Him best. and i spent 3 days on a canoe trip which was fun, it was my first trip like that in Alaska. we have been ferociously trying to paint our building, but then we all got really busy with planning stuff that its kinda unfinished at this point, Im glad i graffitied some stuff on the half finished wall.

looking to what is ahead things get pretty busy, we still want to consistently have time in the morning to meet and worship together, but I have alot of projects on the go. for Hockey camp at the beginning of september( one of our major local outreaches) we are starting to try to get sponsors, trying to get raffle stuff together, starting up communication with the rink to finalize some stuff, working on the website updating information, working on getting jerseys, working on advertisement, etc. And next year we want to start a Adventure DTS where pretty much we are trying to embrace challenge as opportunity going out into the wilderness but also to the people/ tourists of the trails. almost every other week we are out in the wilderness doing things like hiking, canoeing, and fishing, and then we have one week of lecture. so we have to do some more ground work, promo video and trying to get stuff together for the website, etc.

so these next months look like this, working on all that stuff^ as i am on both those projects. On july 10th to 24th i am in a small village called ouzinkee doing some more renovation on a mission house, which we have been working on for a few years, and will be glad to see completed so it can serve the purposes it was build for 50 years ago, to bring the love of Jesus to the community. and then we have a Mini DTS from july 28 and then it goes for 3 weeks. and then I come home for a week and a half august 21-31 for Kurtis's wedding, and then return to homer for the Hockey camp sept 9th to the 13th and then hopefuly go up north for a month or so and then we have staff conference in early november and then i have to fly home before november 19th to renew my "visa".

so thats my life, i really would like to update relational news like interactions with people, some of our guests have had a wealth of knowledge and encouragment but i have a meeting in 1 minute so adios. so i didnt finish this the first attemp at 12:30 at night but i fell asleep and finished it this morning.