Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the next year as It may or may not come

-work at vita health until right before may 1st unless I get layed off first(company that owns vita declared bankruptcy yesterday)
-tree plant from may 1st till july 1st(tentative schedule as I don't have a job yet)
-counsel at camp
-work a fun but meaningless job(depends on when the next step starts)
-short term missions trip/ discipleship training with ywam, omf, lifeforce, etc
-figure out what God wants me to do after as this is as far as I think God is showing me

this is just me thinking I know what God is telling me, I have yet to put any serious prayer, or thought into it.

so pray for me as I try to follow the path that God is leading me on, pray that I would first seek his kingdom and anything else(money, comfort, personal gain, etc.) is second


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. said...

chad, sounds like a wonderful gameplan! and i love your prayer request at the end... that you would put Him before all else. may it be so!