Sunday, May 25, 2008

now what?

Well now that I almost at 100% health wise and still have 5ish weeks till camp starts I feel kinda lost for what I should do now. Now if I really felt like it I'm sure I could get a pretty decent job then just quit in a month, but on the ethical side of things thats really not something I want to do. It seems that I almost always have several options when it comes to temporary work as I've worked for a temp agency and for another company that deals with a lot of temp workers, but I'm not sure I really want to necessarily work for these places, I mean I will if I don't find anything else but I don't really want to. Part of me is still searching for some sort of exciting job that wont really be about money but more so experience. Now unless I find something that is really meant for me I'm not really wanting to work crazy shift work, I mean I'm willing to work mon- sat days most weeks but I also have a lot of plans for my weekends from now to camp. I am really being too picky with some of this and I'm sure it will change in a couple days, my only real focus of days that I definitely cant work really only include the next 2 sundays. I kind of really actually enjoyed working with my brother in law Steve for that month last november with pinacle staffing, so im going to try to explore that option.

Its kinda of weird to think about what my focus is here, it seems like my focus is on money, which troubles me to a extent. But the reason I am focusing on money this next month is so that it will be possible to do something in the future like go to bible school or ywam. But its not like I am sure of either of those things and have them in my focus yet. so in the end I am focused on the money because I don't have a focus beyond possibility.

Well when Im not thinking of what this next month will hold for me I am thinking of this upcoming year of camp where I am working all 5 weeks which will be a test of endurance. I really am quite committed to this camp so I wonder what upcoming years will be like if I am not able to work at Beaver creek(we will see where God takes me), its been part of my summer since I was 7 (my mom pulled strings and got me in a year early). I am really thinking about what I can do to make Beaver creek bible camp better, and my focus has been on the skill “camping skills” which has been one of those skills that has seemed to slip into mediocrity. So I have taken out a few wilderness survival books and am trying to think of new ideas to add to the basics of fire building, and basic shelters. So that is something I spend my free time thinking about, if not for camp uses then for personal uses since it is now my dream to live in the woods for a period of 2 months being mostly self sufficient. on a side note I really wish that they would sharpen there hatchets, it is pretty common knowledge that sharp knifes axes are much safer than dull ones. and since they only have 2 hatchets it is pretty simple to use discretion in teaching how to properly use a hatchet and then supervising in a controlled environment and then correcting anything being done wrong then giving them some freedom.

So I hope that this upcoming month will be a time of preparing for the future spiritually, knowledgeably, financially, physically, and mentally. I hope that it will be time spent focused on God and what he wants to do with my life, and not personal gain.


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