Monday, June 2, 2008

13 hour days, no time to blog with any effort

haha well today I worked 13 hours and probably will work 13 hour days the rest of the week except thursday. probably work 10 hours on saturday too. so needless to say I dont think i will blog much. today was a little bit of a jump straight into the fire, because i hadnt worked in two weeks and actually worked myself harder than when i was tree planting. first time ive worked more than a 10 hour day. its good though, except my body hates me right now.

today i found a canoe that I might purchase(jeremiah and I actualy) its reasonably cheap, in fairly good condition(well the guy selling it said so) so jeremiah is going to go look at it tomorrow so i might own a canoe within 24 hours.

im sooo tirred right now but i got to wait for jeremiah to call me back so i have to wait

I had a good weekend, went to hecla camping with my Reimer family for friday and saturday but had a weding that consumed most of saturday but it was good, then came home saturday night driving through thick fog, and went to jeremiahs baptism and went to a bbq at his parents place after, and then to the movie be kind rewind(meh).

so thats my life right now kinda

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Mark said...

So, did you get the canoe?