Sunday, June 8, 2008

canoe, 60 hour work week, and a good time fishing


well we did it we bought our first canoe, Jeremiah and I. Its a fairly old aluminum canoe, but it is in relatively good shape. it does leak a tiny bit through some of the rivets in one section so we are going to try to fix that. we went out for our first paddle yesterday so we were very excited, I hope we use it a ton because we both love canoing. we got it for a pretty good price $450 so each of us only payed $225 for it. I am a little disappointed in how much it weighs, Jeremiah was the one who went and looked at it and for some reason it felt super light for him, but now that we loaded it and walked around with it a bit it seems heavy to both of us, which inst really that much of a problem but if i want to go on a solo trip it might be very hard. but still I am very excited, because i love canoing. im excited for my trip next weekend leaving on thursday, paddling and portaging in the dark, we are going to side saddle lake so we paddle across big white shell portage to crowduck(.75km) canoe across crowduck and portage to side saddle(1.3km) none of us have done this trip before so i dont know how far we will get before we call it a night and set up camp so we dont get lost. its going to be lots of fun.

60 hour work week

im pretty tired right now I worked 12.5 hours on monday and tuesday, 10 hours on wednesday and thursday, 7 hours on friday, and 8 hours on saturday. this week I'm only working around 45 hours probably but in 4 days, the job is getting better, my body doesnt hate me quite so much any more and I have it at a point where I dont have to think at all to do my job, so my mind can wander to the strangest things, it makes time go so much faster.


I went fishing for the first time this year, it was alot of fun, bumped into one of my cousins there and fished for a couple hours caught 8 small saugers and filled a garbage bag full of beer bottles and other assorted garbage from the shore lines, it was disgusting how much people just litter.


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Mark said...

Congrats on the new canoe! I'm jealous . . .