Wednesday, June 18, 2008

canoe trip june 12-15 Part 2: friday

this really shouldnt be a 4 post topic but im pretty slow at writing blogs because i always have a thousand other things going on so it might be.

Friday morning we got up and had breakfast funny thing is that whenever im camping in the middle of nowhere i am always the first person up, the sun rises and im wide awake, and usually we dont bring a watch or anything so we never know exactly what time it is which is weird in the morning, but i dont think i woke up too early this morning, but i did wake up paul in the process. so we started paddling the rest of the lake 6km which we breeze through during the day and get to our 1.75km portage into side saddle. so we get to the portage, and start the portage, i really cant remember what the weather was like but i think it was just overcast mostly. we do the portage, its pretty flat and well marked so we get through it pretty good taking a few breaks. have i told you how much of a wild beast Paul is, probably not, i wish i had a picture but this man carried the canoe and his pack(guessing that both weight around80-100lb together) all by himself on all of our portages while jeremiah and I took on minimal extra gear like the tent and paddles and fishing rods. so we get to the lake, its absolutely gorgeous we get onto the lake there is a campsite right in front of us but it is used by the lodge on crowduck lake, if they come to the lake which they eventually didnt which was great. so we paddle around and find a campsite, a pretty sweet one if you ask me and we set up camp at a spot where it is possible that no man has ever stepped foot before. dont really do alot the rest of the day, go fishing a bit dont catch alot of fish but have fun anyways. we have fettuccine with a rose sauce and caribou sausage for supper(jeremiahs meal) we then attpemt to make jello which actually turned out pretty good in my opinion, we warmed up some water and then added the jello mix strawberry dakiri and some other flavour that i cant remember and then we put it in a crevice by the water to cool down and int the morning it was jello.

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great pictures chadwick! especially the one of the sky! amazing!