Saturday, August 23, 2008

100th post/new experiences/ life plans

Well its taken me a few years but I now have 100 posts, which is weird to think about. I think I might read though all my posts because it might be fun, to see change maybe. i recently read through some poetry and some first chapters of novels i started, it was pretty fun.

I started a new job on friday, doing construction for a guy, I'm his only employee so thats kinda the size of this enterprise. the first thing i told this guy was that i have little to no experience with construction. We were doing the drywall in a basement so i started the day sanding the joints. within the first 10 minutes my employer left to go to home depot which he didnt come back for a while from which was alright because it was a pretty easy task. I did a bit of random stuff like applying expansion foam(used to seal and insulate) to the edges of a crawl space which ended up with me getting this stuff all over my hands arms and hair, which is not good since it is almost near impossible to get off. by the end of the day I was mudding the finish coat on the walls of this basement, which at the start I absolutely sucked at mudding and by the end i was still pretty bad but i hope i didnt mess things up too bad. next week my boss is leaving on a trip to edmonton for a wedding so i am working by myself scrapping stucco off a house which should be interesting, and i hear that the weather is supposed to be stupidly hot which will make things FUN. and in a few weeks we will be framing a second story onto a house, so I think this job will be a great learning tool, get to learn how do to alot of stuff. i was so dirty after a single day of work, which i think is really funny because i look back at almost all the jobs ive had and think that i have found a way to get dirty in every single one of them.

now for plans, as of right now none of this is even close to final, but i think i want to do a dts (disciple training school) in madrid spain this coming february (5 months)

dwell in possibility

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