Monday, August 25, 2008


well as I was searching through some old files reminiscing I came upon some poems that I had written, im not sure when, I think it was probably like a year agoish. And now I feel like posting the 2 poems that I found. im not sure the meanings behind parts of them but I really related to some parts of them.

Abundance is overwhelming
Lacking passion
Lacking need
Faith is a dream
Clouds are rolling in
Rain is falling
The lowest point
Is the wettest
Dew forms the next day
Dreams are passion
Faith is hope
Love is real
Rain is falling
Each boom of thunder is a new experience
Each crack of lightning sets my heart on fire

Within the walls we take refuge

We feel we could be free
But cant breath
We feel we could dream
But cant sleep
We feel we could believe
But cant trust

When will the walls fall down
When will hope be restored
When will we be steadfast

Honesty will break the chains
But will we run
Freedom will give us direction
But will we see
Faith will take us to the door
But will we enter

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