Thursday, October 25, 2007

my life as of late..

Well, I have been fairly busy lately, but not too busy.

I am realizing that I have no solid future planned yet, and its been this way for a long time. I have no reason to make money other than to pay rent and car payments. I have no travel plans, I have no school plans, I have a very shallow list of plans. Go snowboarding a lot this winter, pay off my car, Council at camp this next summer, and thats all the plans I have.

I'll write a longer post strictly about pioneer clubs later, maybe tomorrow.

My job is going pretty good I guess, It bores me to the point of turning me crazy though, its all the same thing over and over and over again. Working full time feels weird sometimes...

God keeps on reminding me that I need to be more disciplined, that I need to give him my all.

Hockey has been keeping me busy 1 or 2 nights a week, after going 2-0 in the first 2 games we fell to 2-2 the combined score of the last 2 games being 20-5. not very fun especially when your the goalie.

Grace and peace

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Video I made

well one of my favorite classes in school was a digital media class I took in grade 11, so I made a little video, I wish I had a better editing program but I guess ill have to deal with the one that came with my computer.
I hope not too many people still have dial up.

Monday, October 15, 2007

complete fulfillment unobtainable

Complete fulfillment is unobtainable until Jesus calls us home.

As a Christian this is hard to grasp, as we try to say that all worldly things are empty. Not that its unfulfilling to follow Christ but Its just not full yet, and thats what I think can make some people really lose faith.
here are the lyrics to a song that inspired this thought

Matt Epp- Lonesome 'till I'm home

I'm lonely for you God
And I will be all my life
Got a hole inside of me for you my God
That'll never be filled in all my life

For you created me so
My soul wont be filled 'till I'm Home

I've got a longing for you God
I've got a ache even you won't heal 'till I'm Home

For you created me so
My soul wont be filled 'till I'm Home

I'll never really be me
Until I'm in Heaven
Not quite who I'm supposed to be
Until I'm in Heaven

Oh! 'till I'm in Heaven
Its been my dream all along
I'll keep singing this song
'Till I'm in Heaven

I'm saying this at a time where I'm struggling to find Gods calling for me, I feel completely empty working a 9-5 job, its just putting in hours to me, teaching clubs has been good for me though.


Friday, October 12, 2007

busy busy busy

well this past week has been pretty busy...
I started a new job on Tuesday, I work at Iron Mountain, what they do is store paperwork for companies and when the companies don't need the paperwork anymore they send it to Calgary to be shredded and recycled. So my job is to find those boxes of paperwork and stack them on pallets to be put on a semi and sent to Calgary. This place has 2 huge warehouses, with 3 levels each, with seriously millions of boxes. Its a pretty physical job as you have to lift and move boxes all day, but its also a pretty repetitive mind numbing job. So thats how I can describe what I do the best.

Pioneer clubs has been going pretty good, sometimes I feel inadequate, Im 18 and im the only teacher for my class(not a very good excuse, but I like to play it). I was so busy this past week that I didn't really have time to plan it very well this week.

I'm playing hockey this season, it the first season ive played in 4 years, and ive only played maybe 5 games in those 4 years not included Ramona's hockey marathon. so theres that and on top of that I'm a goalie and so much positional intuition has been lost, so Im going to be bad, probably for a while.

Well my social life is calling, so have a good one.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

spiritual obligation vs religious obligation

Can you be so commited to serving your church that you really aren't serving God anymore? Can you distance yourself away from commitment and become stagnant ?
We as Christians especially in this day and age don't like the word obligation, I think there are two sides one being that your so committed to serving your church that you burn out and the other side is that your so afraid of commitment that you cant really be affective in any ministry your a part of, you need a happy medium.

Spiritual Obligation

God calls us to be fishers of men meaning we have to be out there, we cant just sit in our pews and think deep Godly thoughts. We have to be out there trying (key word try) to live as Jesus lived. Here are some words that really hit me hard. Ezekiel 33:1-20
Sometimes I think " have I done enough" and thats not the thought I'm getting at here, grace and love is still what its about, but I think to myself "I've been in situations where I could have shown people Gods love and I have done nothing" and thats hard to live with sometimes. But just being out there doesnt hold any meaning if you don't live and breath it. which is kind of what my next point religious obligation is about.

Religious Obligation
Well read the book of Ecclesiastes if you want my opinion on "religion" Its all meaningless if it isn't for Jesus.(and for Jesus means that its what he wants, because good intentions aren't always right)(and also for Jesus means for the holy trinity, Its kinda weird I'm kinda realizing how one sided I am). You can be a leader in church, "convert" thousands of people, but if you don't practice what you preach what is the worth. I think sometimes church leaders guilt people into filling positions, sometimes it works and you get people who were a little nervous going in who turn out to really be comfortable, and sometimes it really turns people off even if maybe they do fill that position that they are guilted into you dont find long term committed people by guilting them into a position.

Sometimes I think we get so caught up that we forget that were not doing this for a church, were not doing this for a church leader, were not doing this for our friends, were not doing this for our family, were not doing this for anyone but for God.

in Christ

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

moral issues in the workplace

well I havent really blogged about how work has been going, but I'll try to catch everyone up.
so for the past 3 and a half weeks i have been working for Nutri- Lawn, a small company which does a variety of services. I have been doing fertilizing for the past 3 weeks, which brings me to my topic.

Well this is what has been my issue, I have been doing fertilizing, liquid fertilizing to clarify. I dont know if everyone knows the evils of this but ill explain a little more. What liquid fertilizer is(to my knowledge): main ingredients are nitrogen and phosphorous. the main reason for algae blooms on lake Winnipeg. While Liquid fertilizer isnt the biggest cause of high nitrogen and phosphorous levels, it is still a significant part. heres a wikipedia article about algae blooms

Now one thing about spraying liquid fertilizer is that it is expensive, meaning mostly richer people get it done, and rich people have riverfront, pond front properties, which is basically like me spraying this stuff right into lake Winnipeg. Which is killing alot of stuff in the lake.

so this is my moral issue at work well actually I quit today because I found a more permanent job.
does anyone else have moral issues at work? maybe you work at a restaurant and push alcoholic products on people. etc