Tuesday, December 30, 2008

bear attack

my sneeze traveled roughly 150 km- 1045km a hour (depending on which study)
yet im still sitting here motionless, pondering how fast my sneeze just went
ring ring goes the phone, bang bang goes the nail, zoom zoom goes my car and on and on
2 quarter tanks of gas gets me living in the past, but the future is inevitably not controllable
deciding on which jacket to bring with me to the future is my biggest concern

fast forward 12 hours

embassy, why are there borders
alaska, will you hold me
fear, this is Gods will, isnt it
life, should come with a 12 step plan
have i been wrestling with God or why does my hip hurt

Monday, December 29, 2008

beaver work

up to my ears in to do
letters to give
things to find
friends to say goodbye
if only time stood still
trying to fathom the existence of;
Gods unendingness
an ability to pack clothing for 5 months into 2 suitcases
if only I could prove I exist

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

support letter 1st draft

this is just the rough draft which likely wont be edited at all, but i will look at it more in depth and probably keep it.

Merry Christmas, 
From Chad Reimer

Friends and family,

Well here I am less than 3 weeks away from flying to Homer, Alaska. Yes on January 6th I am flying away from my Winnipeg home and spending the next 5 months in Alaska. I am pumped beyond pumped to see what God will do with me through these 5 months. I am going to Alaska to do a discipleship training school with the organization YWAM (youth with a mission) now you may ask what is DTS all about? Well in a few sentences I would say that its is a bible school with a focus on missions. the slogan that YWAM uses for DTS’s is “know God, and make Him known” and that is really what I am pumped for. So basically there is a 3 month “lecture” phase that teaches us more about God and how to serve him with topics such as The Father heart of God, Clear conscious Christianity, Spiritual warfare, Relationships, Christian worldview and much much more. After the lecture phase there is a 2 month outreach where we are going to a Alaskan island with 2 villages on it and we just pretty much applying everything that we have learnt.

Now for some fun facts about Homer Alaska the average temperature in January is -4 C the time from sunrise to sunset is roughly 6 hours in January. The average temperature in June is +10 and sunrise to sunset is approximately 19 hours. Homer also has a population of around 5,500.

I am excited to learn things about God that are so easy to put to the side in a comfortable daily grind kind of life. I am very blessed to be able to have this opportunity, and thank God for everything I have. I’ve put a lot of hard work in this fall/ winter to be able to go, and have been blessed with a little bit of a education fund that I’m using for most of the lecture phase. So at this point I’m not in dire need of financial support but if you feel God calling you to support me in a monetary way I wont deny you. If you do decide to support me in that way it is not tax deductible(though I can find ways around that if your willing to wait till summer) and you can email me or call me to figure more out. I am however asking for support through prayer and encouragement, as that will probably be the best way to support me through this.

I am grateful for the continued support I will receive through my family, friends, and church and would very much appreciate your prayers. If you email me I will probably email you back, I’m not sure if I’m going to do mass emails or not, I do have a Blog that I will probably update sporadically. I am currently looking for a cheap laptop and by cheap I mean cheap so if you know of a laptop with wifi and 40- 60 GB for under $300 which needs a good home let me know.

Grace and peace

Mailing address: email address: chad.reimer@gmail.com
Chad Reimer chad_has_a_really_long_address@hotmail.com
DTS winter 09
c/o YWAM Artic mercy Blog: withgracealone.blogspot.com
PO box 959
Homer AK 99603 Arctic Mercy Homepage: www.ywamalaska.com

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

howdy do ya

well I am a bad blogger, no lying on that one, there are a million excuses that I will not make.

i wouldn't have had time today to blog, but my college and career was canceled and i didnt find that out until i got to my church so i didnt have time to really do anything else so I decided to stay home and start writing a letter to friends and family concerning the next 6 months of my life, and write a blog.

well the past 7ish days have been really cold... i work outside. its a good time, i wear a tshirt, 2 sweaters, two jackets, long johns, jeans, snowpants, 3 pairs of socks 2 tuques 2 hoods, 2 pairs of gloves. and actually then its not too bad.

speaking of weather, i looked at the forcast for homer alaska and its supposed to be like +2 celcius tomorrow.

i have 3 weeks left here , which really, one week work, one week christmas holidays, and then i might work for another week.

today i was going to go buy the rest of the american money i need at lunch time, like 750 plus some of the spending moneyi plan on getting but then i had to go get gas first and then i decided i would wait because i heard on the radio that the canadian dollar had gone up a tiny bit, but by the end of the day it had gone up more than 2 cents, so im glad i didnt buy today.

on the topic of money, the reason i kinda delayed writing a blog was because i had a plan to write this big post on the evils of money and how i hate that its what makes the world go round, i mean we need money for almost everything physical. money can be used for good, but the drive of this world is money, i need money you need money, this is what society is. its a big topic. and its hard to know how i feel. money has given me opportunities up the ying yang.

as of right now i am just asking for support through prayer and taking time to encourage me while im away. though i really wouldnt deny finacial support, mostly just if you feel God urging you to support me in that way. i will have enough money. i just might be living on my income tax return when i get back and may be unable to insure my car, but you know what if thats the worst thing that can happen to me then i am in the top few percent of people in the world finacially speaking. I am also dipping my whole education fund right now, which in a perfect world would be saved for a different day, but im going to stop talking because it sounds like im trying to be a sob story to get people to give me money haha. if you do choose to donate money to me either talk to me sometime before jan 6th or send me a email (chad_has_a_really_long_address@hotmail.com)

grace and peace

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gods not dead. NO WAY. hes alive

well i only have a short time to blog as i should be in bed right now

i was procrastinating on booking a flight mostly because i didnt like the price, but today i kinda decided that the price wasnt really going to move that much downward in the next couple weeks. so i put in the dates and searched for my flight it was the same price as it was previous days. so i basically prayed that it would go lower and that if it didnt then i would be fine with the price that i payed and it showed up as about $100 less which is awesome.

yesterday i fell from the second floor to the first floor i was stacking sheets of osb and was walking backwards and fell through a stairway that had no stairs, fell down sideways dragged my feet a tiny bit on the ladder but other than that fell straight down landed on my knee and sholder, broke the floorboard with my knee, but that was pretty much the only damage. it was God protecting me, there are so many bones i could have broken, lots of different senarios that could have been played out but i landed pretty much the best way i could land other than a controled jump. i didnt even have time to think as i dropped down, which is probably good as i didnt stick out my arm, which i probably would have broke. that being said i walked it off and was working 5 minutes later.

grace and peace

Monday, December 1, 2008