Saturday, January 31, 2009

its hard to fit life into one post

well i am sitting in the library, didnt know about this until today that they have good internet and computers, still unsure if i will be able to upload pictures anytime soon but its ok i have summer to do that.

I want to talk about where our outreach is going, mostly because i didnt know anything about it before i came up here.

well it is a native island, has no trees is very close to russia. it has two villages on it, the people mostly live off the land and supliment it with some sort of assistance from the government(this last part is an assumtion, im sure it has been brought up and answered but i wasnt listening i guess)
its a pretty dark place during the winter, and a very bright place in the summer. it will be cold there even in may, it probably will have snow on it the whole time we are there. we will be involved in doing whatever needs to be done in the churches there are, which im sure will involve showing alot of love to the children.

-soory i realize that was short and vague but i dont have much time


Friday, January 23, 2009

im alive in alaska

well i havent really had more than 20 minutes total internet time since ive been here total.

so here is my first post

well alaska is absolutly amazing, the mountains oh boy the mountains. there are 45 churches( population of the city is 5500) in this town which i view as a extreme disunity, but they each have there part i guess. God is amazing. there is a real divercity in our group here and its awesome, we all feel like we should be here and that is awesome. we dove into 2 weeks of lectures, which are like the most intense topics all week long then have a few days off and do it again. God is really stretching us all. we have a diverse student body a german a bolivian and two americans from different parts of the country.

dayna you would love the amount of german i am picking up, but its hard to pronounce all the extremes

mark you would love the yurt village on the shores of the ocean with a view of the mountains

everyone else would love everything about this place.

i really have no time right now, i just found this place with free internet so i should be back but its cerfew in 20 minutes.

went on a cross walk which was like literally carrying a cross through the town which first came off to me as religious and crazy but it was a real good symbol of what God asks us to do



Wednesday, January 7, 2009


well here i am in seattle, my second stop, it is almost one local time which means that it is 3 in the morning home. flying was fun, we had a lot of turbulance coming into seattle. which to what i thought this is fun, its like 6 flags without all the lines. though its a little more scary when you are pretty close to the ground, i mean a mile up there is more room for correction. well i didnt have any inflight entertainment, no tvs, i had a sprite and a gingerale, and nothing else. haha i payed for about a hour of internet because i didnt have anything smaller than a 20 and i didnt read the part where it says it doesnt give change. as this is the first time ive flown since i was a kid, i didnt really know what i was doing and i went through uniteds thing before i wanted to leave and they wanted me to leave as soon as i went through it so i missed kurtis coming to say goodbye, which i am sad about.

my chicago seattle flight was a bit tricky to catch, i had about 12 minutes(due to little delays in my flight to chigago) to get from one terminal to the next( i hope you understand the retardedness of that sentance in itself) and then once i was at that terminal i had to run to the gate i was going to because it was all the way on the other side of the terminal, so i get there and find out that my flight is delayed about 30 min. so after all that effort i was sad.

this airport is a ghost town, im enjoying listening to my mp3 player and its really late and i dont htink i will be able to sleep.

well i should go do some other internet related things
thanks for praying for me


Friday, January 2, 2009

swarm like fish flies

to the first square I go
leaping on to it
it isnt really a first square, its just a new pattern being layed
across the snow covered bare floor one i lay my last square down
my hands dont know the pattern of the cloth
i just follow the needle like thread
His own handy work