Saturday, May 23, 2009

back in homer

well i just got back in homer alaska, at about 4 am. im not really going to be able to write very much because of the culture shock and the whole overwhelming flood of emotions from a 2 month pouring out and pouring in of my heart. Ireally dont want to even start right now, but the relationships i made with the people are something that cannot be forgoten, everytime i close my eyes I see them, they are burned into my mind, i cannot say that i will not be back, i dont know how that looks yet but i love these people. God Reigns, in power, and in peace. to God be the glory, forever and ever. also on the plane ride home God really told me "its not about you, I Am there always".
but anyways cars, cement, flushing toilets, white people, trees, and grass are so foreign to me right now i think im going to go crazy.

all i can think of is the song "mighty to save"

God bless