Tuesday, April 29, 2008

13 days

Well this past month has seemed like a year, thats how slow its gone by. I've been in this summer mentality where all I can think about is tree planting and camp. well I still have 13ish days until I am gone and they are a fairly busy 13 days with all my weekends booked solid and a bunch of stuff I have to do during the weeks. Last week I worked at red river soils packaging bags of fertilizer(basically constantly lugging 30-40lb bags from a conveyor belt onto a pallet then squeezing the air out of the bags and making the bags as flat as possible). While that job was dusty smoky and pretty brutal it was good training for tree planting. I have been sick for the past 3 weeks, various different symptoms pretty much no day with the same ones including a lung hacking dry cough , mind numbing headaches, throwing up, stuffed up sinus, runny nose, and other various ones. so that has not been fun, I really wish I had a doctor, I had a pediatric doctor and just haven't really found a family doctor yet. this is the second time since January that I have been sick for almost a month at a time, so I'm thinking maybe I should see a doctor but probably won't.

well that was just a little rambling of what my life is like.


Monday, April 14, 2008

get to know me ill get to know you

a few of my favoite things- movies that are so random that they don't really make sense, sneezing, canoing, carrying a canoe over my head, carrying a canoe through a bog, cooking on a open fire, being the only people on a lake or river, building fires/ sitting around them, summer nights, lightning and thunder and pouring rain(when im inside a shelter), harmonica guitar combo, playing night games in the bush, deep discussions about faith and no wrong answer questions, folk music, being barefoot, trees and water, animal encounters, the sound of water crashing up against the rocks, capture the flag, tug of war, jeharies(sp?) window, sand, grass, worshiping God through singing, encouraging people, teaching people about things that dont make sense to me, sitting on a dock, being with a group of believers, the grace of God that I dont understand, the seeds that have been scattered that might only start to grow years later, friends, fishing even when your not catching anything, people who know what they want and work as hard as possible to get it, sunsets, sun rises, simplicity, people who have a calling and give there best, the feeling of anticipation, duets, praying with people, growing always, slurpees, pica pop blue raspberry flavor, jalopenos, learning, walking through the woods, the stars and moon, being where you should be, chinese food, chopsticks, playing music, a soulful voice, beards, letting your guard down, taking pictures, experiencing new things, random people, love, life, honesty, lemonade, helpful people, smiles, laughs, jokes, promises that are kept, breathing, soccer, passion, faith, torpedo ball, guitars, old people, children, driving with a open window, climbing trees, the wind, fish flies, frisbies, forgivness, commitment, making people laugh, the joy that living for Christ gives us, living like theres no tomorrow, clouds, trying to change the world(usually done around a kitchen table at like 3 in the morning).
thats all I got for now
-edit- tea, coffee(black), hot chocolate, cookies, cooking, family, rocks, hills, diving boards, jumping on trampolines, warm sweaters, sleeping bags, looking like a total idiot, swingsets, that bug that makes like a buzzing noise that can be heard for what seems like kilometers(know whatim talking about?), standing in lines, meeting people randomly, playing sega genesis , tda's, the day when it rains after it has been like +50 all week with humidity, rope, a rusted through muffler that makes alot of noise, adventures with paul epp and company, sandal tans, rainbows.

second edit- gingerale, water fountains, looking at planes fly by, grandma, jello, this list can go on and on so i probably wont put any more but there are many that i am missing

I would have had more camp photos but most of the camp photos i have are on my facebook and im taking a 1 week break from facebook

Thursday, April 10, 2008

inbetween here and there

well I dont know why I dont blog more often, I am unemployed right now, and have lots of free time during the day. I am a little frustrated right now, they keep delaying the starting date for the tree planting season its now almost 2 weeks later than it was supposed to be, which turns 3 unemployed weeks into 5, which is disappointing financially, guess it means ill have to be as cheap as possible in the next 4 weeks and hope I can make up for lost wages this spring. this is just a little frustrating.

I am in this inspired mood right now, mostly stirred up from music and movies and friends, music and movies being matt epp and into the wild respectively.
which means that I am more determined to do what is true and right then to have a career in something I don't enjoy. one thing I truly enjoy is the wilderness, not the nature that the surface of the whiteshell shows but the true wilderness, just raw and real.

quote of the day
When you forgive, you love. And when you love, God's light shines upon you.(Ron Franz- into the wild)