Thursday, March 27, 2008

spring training- the road to tree planting

Well today I started somewhat of a training regiment, well officially started it today, now I'm a little sore.Turned on some pump up music(Comeback kid- Turn it around) Was on the treadmill started off with a semi run, setting at 5ish, put on a backpack with 20 lbs of weight in it ran at a setting of 6-7 for about 1.3 miles( I think this is what is making me sore) then took the weight off and was trying to see how long I could run at a setting of 10 had a goal of doing 4 minutes which if my math is correct which it probably isnt would be a 4 minute mile, got to about 2 minutes and .4 miles. Got off the treadmill, did some situps and pushups until the cd was done, overall a good workout. I really am out of shape other than my legs.

I am finding out why you shouldnt get jobs through parents friends, its kinda hard to quit. Its just horrible timing, I'm just about at the end of my training so they are preparing for me being a contributer. Also there is no 2 weeks notice when you are still training, they could fire me and I can quit without the two weeks. Morally and time wise I cant finish my training and then give 2 weeks my last day would be the day before im supposed to leave. I'm not going to quit a week before my training is complete, I'm pretty much morally and time wise unable to quit past next friday. so this is a hard decision to make of when to quit, I wish I could work till the week before, because with how its going to happen i'm missing a paycheck and a half which kinda really sucks. Loyalty is no question for me, I will work hard until the end, its just how I was raised. sometimes I wish I had no morals, it would make things like this alot easier haha.

I am trying to figure out what to do this fall/winter; travel, school, missions, or a combination. so pray that God will show me what he wants me to do. If there is a program that he wants me to attend a place to visit,etc. and pray that he will send people to help me through my choices, and encourage me.


Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well today at about 4:30 I had a phone interview with a company called the wilderness group and guess what. I got the job. It was the last interview that I had scheduled and was also the job that I wanted the most, the other 2 interviews were good but this was the best one, I didnt feel any pressure at all (I think its because it was a girl who was interviewing me) she wasnt questioning my answers, it was a great interview topped off with a "ok you have the job if you want it"

I'm not sure exactly what I want from this experience, I keep telling everyone i'm doing it for the money but you know I dont really think about it as just making lots of money, I look at it as a challenge, I look at it like its freedom from the indoors. I also view it as a opportunity to be a light in this camp, and also of a way of making some good money so I can go to YWAM or something else along those lines. People keep telling me oh you dont want to do this, and basically my response to that is, you dont know me very well if you dont think im up for this.

so my initial planting season is May 1st to July 1st but they also have work until november doing other forestry work so im kinda pumped about that, I dont want to get ahead of myself though.
I'm think they are(could be wrong) pretty flexible if I want to take a month off in between to work at camp(BCBC) and work again for them after, so I dont really know I think thats what my plan is. I feel bad just quiting my job right after they have finished training me like a month before, but what are you going to do( I hope no one from vita stumbles upon this blog lol) but it is also kind hard to leave this job because I got the job because I knew someone higher up in the company so Its kinda weird. But I really am not happy with this job and money isn't a good enough reason to stay at it.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sometimes I wonder....

-Sometimes I wonder if God wants us to bang our heads on the wall trying to teach people if they don't really want to be taught
- Sometimes I look into other peoples cars on my daily commutes and wonder where there going and where they've been
- Sometimes I look at the moons and the stars and ask why
-Sometimes I wonder if I am more of a solution or more of a problem
-Sometimes I wonder why God made us
-Sometimes I feel frustrated and wonder why God doesn't talk in a distinct voice to tell me what to do
-Sometimes I wonder why God loves us
-Sometimes I wonder why old people live while young people die
-Sometimes I wonder if Gods going to tell me "I never knew you"
-Sometimes I wonder if there is a God
-Sometimes I wonder if there is any hope for this generation
-Sometimes I wonder If there is a plan for me or if we just wander around
-Sometimes I wonder why the wind blows
-Sometimes I wonder if this is real am i actually here
-sometimes I wonder alot

Monday, March 17, 2008

2 posts 1 day Wowzers

well it seems i like to space my blogs out a little more
usually 1 a week it seems though I really truly mean to write more than that

now to my actual post/rant(more so rant)

ok so today I'm preparing for pioneer clubs on Wednesday so I'm like ok I'll do the Easter lesson that is in the book I previously did thanksgiving and Christmas out of the book so there has to be a Easter lesson in the book so I flip through the book flip flip flip Its not there. So there is no Easter lesson in the book but there is a thanksgiving lesson. I seriously don't really understand how you can have thanksgiving a non religious holiday lesson and not a Easter lesson when Easter is really the basis of our faith.

Now saying this, I have a few more level headed responses too. First of all even if there was a Easter lesson I would probably completely change it into a simpler less watered down lesson. I'm pretty sure that pioneer clubs is meant to be run over Easter but maybe its supposed to be run from summer to winter instead of fall to spring but who knows.

Now I could write more but I really should start writing my lesson.
now that my rant is over, I like writing lessons but thats not the point, I think there should be a lesson put in place for people who dont like to or cant really spend 2+ hours writing there own lessons.

for those who dont know pioneer clubs is like a kids club that my church has on Wednesday nights its like sunday school mixed with boy scouts its for kids aged 4-12ish my class is 8-9 year olds. most of our kids come from a housing complex down the street, kids who sometimes seem like there only there to cause problems and eat snack, having said that we need lots of prayer to keep going so pray.


so I started to write my lesson, palm sunday, last supper, good friday, easter sunday, easter monday, romans 6 where he talks about death to sin and resurrection in Christ
whoa lesson overload, im having trouble condensing this, i don't want to leave anything out
I'm thinking about playing bad teacher and just showing a movie, we have a cartoon easter movie in our church library, and then reading romans 6 and asking questions. this generation has grown up with there parents just shoving them in front of the tv and hoping it keeps them quite for a while, so i think that they might learn more from a movie then they would learn from me. but most likely I will make a lesson and teach it.

terror at bergen hall III

Maybe I should have made this post before the premier so some of my more distant friends could come but I guess its too late now.

when I get a youtube link I will post it, or them
but this is a movie trilogy that my friend paul epp started when he was at providence bible school making the first 2 there and the third ones setting is in winnipeg. my brother in-law steve smith plays the main character in all of them and I am his sidekick in the third one. it really is a blockbuster of mass proportions so you should watch it, when it gets on youtube.

heres a little promo that is on the facebook event

and the trailer that is on the facebook event too
guess you need a facebook account

In the third installment of the TABH trilogy, a new more powerful "Killer" emerges from the forests of Providence College bent on seeking revenge on Steve Smith for the defeats of the past killers. When the new "Killer" finds out that Steve got married and moved to Winnipeg, he begins his plan to bring Terror to Steve and all that he loves.

Steve Smith
Chad Reimer
Matthew Hogan as "the Killer"
Krista Smith
Ben Degroot
Paul Epp
John Copsey
Les Thiessen
Gary Thiessen
Roxie Thiessen
Jeremiah Buhler


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the next year as It may or may not come

-work at vita health until right before may 1st unless I get layed off first(company that owns vita declared bankruptcy yesterday)
-tree plant from may 1st till july 1st(tentative schedule as I don't have a job yet)
-counsel at camp
-work a fun but meaningless job(depends on when the next step starts)
-short term missions trip/ discipleship training with ywam, omf, lifeforce, etc
-figure out what God wants me to do after as this is as far as I think God is showing me

this is just me thinking I know what God is telling me, I have yet to put any serious prayer, or thought into it.

so pray for me as I try to follow the path that God is leading me on, pray that I would first seek his kingdom and anything else(money, comfort, personal gain, etc.) is second


Friday, March 7, 2008

this is not my life

Ive been so busy this past 2 weeks with hockey and funerals and volunteering and worship team practice and lots of other things so i have slowly pieced this post together. the life and death of Renee has really inspired me to go out and get things done. I am so frustrated right now with my life and really think that i need a change in scenery, I am kinda planning on going tree planting this spring, then counseling at camp, then either missions, bible school, traveling, or university(hopefully the first 3 in combination) I really feel God telling me to get out of my comfort zone, right now i'm reading a book called gods smuggler its a book about smuggling bibles into the iron curtain back in the 50's and 60's its a really inspiring/ good read, it really feels like god is calling me out to be a missionary maybe its just with everything that has happened my heart is feeling guilt or something. its definitely something that i need to pray about and figure out. its hard to think about being a fulltime missionary when all we think about is living the american dream with a wife and 3 kids, a house in the suburbs and a dog. these are my frustrations in poem form, im no poet so dont be too hard on it haha.

this is not my life

Shrilling shriek of alarm clock the terror that starts my day
I slip on some clothes stumble up stairs no words to say
The sun wont wake for quite some time yet
Its not the early mornings that I regret

50 kilometers of daily commute
Green lights per red lights are so dilute
Hit the curb I'm not awake
More attention I must take

Age and language barriers are the bane
But they aren't what make me deranged
Time sits still seven to three
Punch out is my moment of glee

Christ says follow Me, i say follow me
I cover my eyes and ask to see
Fat and lazy I have become
Visions from afar have made me numb

Victory is in the Lord
Yet you don't see me out there with a sword
A dagger at best
Filled with hope still I don't find rest

I'm living a dream I cant quite remember
The fire in me is a fighting ember
Bitter cold disassembles my heart
Its left me feeling quite apart

Jesus, Jesus please be near
So the next step I should take I might hear
If you want take me to the ends of the earth
So new children of God you might birth