Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am really realizing the importance of relationships, I dont know why we as humans let little things cause such big disturbances. we take ourselfs too seriously and just push people off. God is so relational, he doesnt want us to be stuck in religion and not feeling his presence. he wants to hold us in his arms and embrace us but most of the time we choose to do it on our own. God is much bigger than denomenation, but we all see God a little different so there is a place for denomenations in a sense but if your denomenation stops you from being friends or working together with a different denomenation then you arent being the relational being that God meant you to be. God wants us to value relationships with others highly, he wants us to walk not just 1 mile but 2 miles with them, reality is that there is little to no chance that you can walk 2 miles so you always have to be open to forgivness, if it isnt healthy to keep walking you have the right to step back and tell them I"m here for you and i want to work this out but you have to be willing to work this out for me to continue walking right now, but i will be here waiting for you.

God wants us to be able to lay our lives down for others, in humility considering them better than yourself. but at the same time stand strong in what God has taught you dont be waviering on that, but in love show grace.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

5 things i strongly dislike and 5 things i love

1. God
2. What Hes doing in my life at YWAM
3. meeting new people/ new friends
5. Dreams for the future

Hate(strongly dislike)
1. How the devil likes to attack me in this place because he doesnt want to let me go
2. schedules
3. 3 minute showers
4. feeling alone even though i have lots of people around me/ missing people back home
5. the stuff that God makes me confront

pray for me,
God is good