Thursday, February 14, 2008

vday/ the long lost art of commitment


Maybe its because I dont have a girlfriend and really dont understand it but I pretty much valentines day first of all it reminds me of how I dont have anyone special to share my life with, second of all its just way too commercial, and last but not least I think you should have a valentines day( like a whole day where you devote yourself 100% to the other spouse) monthly or even maybe weekly, theoretically everyday you should be everyday to some extent(you cant devote 100% everyday to 1 person, thats just crazy)
this coming from someone who has never had a girlfriend haha


I really wanted to really pour my heart out on the topic of commitment but I fear that time doesnt permit me to do so. So in short form I will spew some of my frustrations with the world and some frustrations with the community around me and last but not least frustrations with myself.

the world
well dont get me started on divorce rates and stuff dealing with divorce but this world is so selfish, everyones world revolves around them selfs and its a circle of nobody wanting to be left holding the bag, and that is a recipe for destruction, it can destroy families, marriages, organizations, churches, relationships, lives, ect. . I'm thinking about another thing you dont want me to get started on and that is abortion, 99.8% of the time this is the biggest cop out ever, what that is saying is basically"I don't want to be responsible for my actions so im just going to try to make this go away so I don't have to be committed to anything"

the community around me
I always thought that people in the Christian community around me wouldn't just quit when the going gets a little rough, but I have witnessed in the little last while that when people feel that things are too bad that they let go, and dont grab on and go for a rough ride. I will admit there are some very committed people in the community around me but there are also people who have experienced failure so often that they are disheartened. I want to go on and on about this part but I cant... ill just leave with a note saying that I understand that sometimes its better to go into something fully or not at all, and that sometime the circumstances are frustrating, you want to do something but you can't.

Well sometimes I feel like the only person out there who is committed to everything I do, being God(not something you do but something you live),various ministries, hockey, and every time someone asks me to do something I am committed to pulling my weight. But I try to judge myself by what I do when no ones looking because thats truly who you are, and sometimes I really dont like what I am when no ones looking, and I sometime am not very committed when it comes to my personal relationship with God and thats troubling.

so look deep down and try to think of ways that you should be committed when no ones looking, when there is a community around you, and when your in the world.


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Jenna said...

"they let go, and dont grab on and go for a rough ride"

i like that. it reminds me of canoeing down rapids. your steer and balance with everything you have, knowing that if you make it, the waters at the bottom will be calm. sometimes i think love is a choice. and as unromatic as it sounds, sometimes you are so weary, and you don't feel very much, and you simply chose to love. rather than take the easy way out...